Mold remediation

Mold fungus in living or damp cellar rooms are unfortunately not uncommon. There  are effective ways to remove it, preferably by a professional CITY. The goal of permanent and sustainable mold removal is to find the cause of mold and stop it. A simple superficial solution by simply removing or covering the infestation is not a good solution and then only for a short time. Our services include the inspection and assessment of the building fabric, measurements of component and room humidity and surface temperatures up to building physics and thermography for the detection of thermal bridges and structural defects. We use the latest methods to remove mold in the long term. Disinfection in the spray extraction process, the use of vacuum equipment, a hazardous substance suction or remedial tiller, but also the reconstruction by means of special components and the complete painting and plastering work. We from the CITY speak from experience and know that customers often decide for cost reasons again and again to create a hand and, for example, simply paint over the walls affected by mold or remove the mold only superficially. We strongly advise against this short-term but unsustainable method.

Protective measures such as gloves, goggles and a respirator reduce the health risk. If you yourself want to eliminate the mold, doors to other rooms should be closed and windows opened. Upholstered furniture as well as textiles should be brought to other premises during mold removal so that no fungal spores can accumulate there. After removal, clothing should be changed and hands washed. It’s best to take a shower completely. But we want to point out that your own removal can cause more damage. Therefore, always hire a professional from CITY, who can help you with your request.

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How can you remove mold?

We, the team of mold removal and mold control CITY, observe scientific findings and procedures of the responsible environmental protection and health authorities. These specifications, to find in a variety of guidelines and recommendations for the rehabilitation of mold infested indoor spaces, should be strictly observed by the expert or refurbishment specialist and craftsmen and victims in the removal of mold. Only then can mold be professionally, successfully and long-term rehabilitated.

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CITY offers you professional mold remediation as a complete solution. With our competent partners we solve every problem. Contact us! Our years of experience in the subject of mold remediation distinguishes us. We are on hand with help and advice. We have in-depth expertise and qualifications to deliver everything from a single source.

What does a renovation / mold control costs at the mold remediation CITY ?

Mold in the house can cost you in the worst case your health. The prices for the remediation depend on the size and cause of the infestation. The more heavily the buildings are attacked and the more complex the removal work, the higher the costs. A meaningful offer also includes the possibility that even additional causes or further remedial measures may be required in the event of disposal.